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Find relevant answers to most of your queries here. If you have any query please feel free to contact us.

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  •  Questions Businesses Ask
Help! I'm having a problem creating an account.
Make sure that you have clicked the Activation Link that we emailed you. If you have an are still having problems then click "Contact Us" and we will help you get set up.
How can I get booked more?
Take a look at your profile and make sure your pictures are the highest quality and that your profile is competely filled out. Then place the link to your profile on Shoutout Models on your social media profiles so people can hire you with a click of a button!
If I have to travel to an engagement who pays for my travel expenses?
We suggest having the company place all of your travel expenses in escrow when they hire you. Do not accept offers of reimbursement.
How do I get paid?
In order to secure you for a job a business is required to place the money into escrow. After you have completed the job businesses are required to login and manually release the funds to you. If they have not done so within 48 hours after the gig log into your account, file a complaint and we will investigate the matter and then release the funds.
How long do i get paid after I complete a gig?
Talent will receive payment from the job within 48 hours after your fulfillment of the gig. If for any reason the Buyer hasn't released the funds after 48 hours, then file a complaint against them. We will do an investigation into the matter and manually process your payment, if necessary. No more waiting 2-3 months to get paid for a job well done :)
How do I know that jobs are safe?
Google the address where they said they want you to meet them and Google the event that they want you to attend. Make sure that both are lining up. If you have any question about the authenticity of a company click the Contact Us button in the footer and report them. We will research them further and let you know if you should apply.
What is job duration?
Job duration is how long the job will take. If the job duration is less than a week the job could last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 days.
Do I have to be a model to join Shoutout Models?
Nope. You can sign up to just be a social media influencer or if you only want to work tradeshows then you can do that too!
When I sign up for Shoutout Models am I under contract?
Nope. You are free to take on jobs outside of the website but we can't gaurantee that you'll get paid or that you'll get paid in a timely fashion.
I don't live in America. Can I still sign up for
Yes! We have gigs listed in various countries so we welcome models from all over!
How much does it cost businesses to list jobs on is completely free for businesses to list jobs on and hire models / social media influencers.
What if a talent whom I hire doesn't show up to the event? holds the money you place in escrow until you manually release the funds to the talent. If the talent did not show up to your event simply login to your account, file a complaint and we will confirm the no show and then refund your money.
I need models for another country can I list jobs on
Absolutely. We are getting new models every day from all over the world. Create the job and if you don't see models listed in your country let us know and we will go recruiting just for you!
I just listed a job. Now what?
We suggest sharing your job on your social media to get more visibility. Additionally, if you are not getting the talent to apply to your job then email us, support[@], and we will start marketing your job to our database of talent.




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