How Shoutout Models Works

Shoutout Models is a global talent agency that allows businesses to hire models and buy social media shoutouts from influencers directly. 

Signing Up

Signing up to ShoutoutModels is free and can be done hereOnly registered users may buy and sell on ShoutoutModels.

After you sign up, we will send you an email with an activation link. If you do not click this activation link you will get an error message when you try to login. After you sign up as a business you can start hiring models or buying shoutouts. After you sign up as a model or influencer you can start submitting yourself to jobs and getting hired.

Hiring Models / Buying Shoutouts

Step 1: Create an account under Hire a Model / Buy a Shoutout

Step 2: Login & Create a job listing

Step 3: Invite models / influencers to bid on your gigs

When you hire a model or buy a shoutout you will be required to make a deposit upfront for the services. Following the modeling engagement / social media shoutout you will need to release the funds in order for the talent to get paid. If you do not manually release the funds within 48 hours and have not filed a complaint regarding the talent, then we will release the funds to the talent to ensure prompt payment. 

If the talent does not show up to the event or fulfill the social media shoutout, you can file a complaint against the talent inside the "Workroom". We will do an investigation into the matter and refund your payment, if necessary. 

Models & Social Media Influencers

You have 100% control over what jobs you accept and deny. 

For the jobs that you accept, you will receive payment from the job within 48 hours after your fulfillment of the gig. If for any reason the Buyer hasn't released the funds after 48 hours, then file a complaint against them. We will do an investigation into the matter and manually process your payment, if necessary. No more waiting 2-3 months to get paid for a job well done. You're welcome. :)