Questions Models / Social Media Influencers Ask

Help! I'm having a problem creating an account.

Click the Help / Chat button on the site. We have a tech team standing by 24 hours a day to help you get set up.

How much does ShoutoutModels.com get paid when I book a gig?

ShoutoutModels.com gets paid 10% of the job only when you are booked.

If I have to travel to an engagement who pays for my travel expenses?

We suggest having the company placing all of your travel expenses in escrow when they hire you so that you can handle your travel arrangements.

How do I get paid?

In order to secure you for a gig a business is required to place the money into escrow. After you have completed the gig businesses are required to login and manually release the funds to you. If they have not done so within 48 hours after the gig log into your account, file a complaint and we will investigate the matter and then release the funds.

How long do i get paid after I complete a gig?

All models and social media influencers will receive payment from the job within 48 hours after your fulfillment of the gig. If for any reason the Buyer hasn't released the funds after 48 hours, then file a complaint against them. We will do an investigation into the matter and manually process your payment, if necessary. No more waiting 2-3 months to get paid for a job well done. You're welcome. :) 

What does bid amount mean?

In cases where a new model or social media influencer is willing to do a job for less than the quoted price in order to get the experience or in the case where an experienced model is willing to do the job for less than her usual asking price but more than the asking price of the job a model or social media influencer can submit a bid that is higher or lower than the asking price to increase their chances of getting work.

What is job duration?

Job duration is how long the job will take. If the job duration is less than a week the job could last anywhere from 1 hour to 6 days.

Help! The site says "My email is not valid".

When this happens it means that there is a space either before or after the email. Retype it again but do not end your email with a space.

Are their age requirements to being on Shoutmodels.com?

No. But, we suggest that if you are under the age of 18 that you have your parents fill in the information for you and put their contact as your own so they can screen the jobs and messages that are sent to you on the site.

I don't live in America. Can I still be a model / influencer on Shoutoutmodels.com?

Yes! We have gigs listed in various countries so we welcome models from all over!

Questions Businesses Ask

How much does it cost businesses to list jobs on ShoutoutModels.com?

ShoutoutModels.com is completely free for businesses to list jobs on and hire models / social media influencers.

What if a model whom I hire doesn't show up to the event?

ShoutoutModels.com holds the money you place in escrow until you manually release the funds to the model. If the model did not show up to your event simply login to your account, file a complaint and we will confirm the no show and then refund your money.

I need models for another country can I list jobs on ShoutoutModels.com?

Absolutely. We are getting new models every day from all over the world. Create the job and if you don't see models listed in your country let us know and we will go recruiting just for you!

I just listed a job. Now what?

Email, stephanie[@]thepageantplanet.com and we will start marketing your gig to the 250,000 models in our database.